Water, sand or grass… what is best for your feet? Naturino has presents for the little ones!


Naturino, an Italian producer of high quality children’s shoes is all about connecting with nature. To communicate this aspect of their products, the brand came up with an express quiz in a form of a Post Sticker’s Smart app. The three option quiz collated experiences of stepping on sand, water and grass. After selection the preferred image, a single-screen contest appeared. Parents would select the type of shoes they would like to win – for girls or boys and a preferred shoe size.

While creating custom apps we are doing our best to make every client’s wish possible. This time app featured a non-clicking, ‘self -firing’ slideshow. Most of the times screen changes require action from the user but it’s not obligatory. Also, the app was not published on Facebook but served as contest machine within another page (aufeminim). While creating a custom made app, Post Sticker team takes care both of graphics and programming, so everything you can think of can be done.

A contest to perform? With post sticker it performs automatically. Get rid of the problem with gathering mail addresses and selecting the comments. We’re here for you: contact@poststicker.com.

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