What is your travelling style? Credit Agricole throws one of the Post Sticker’s aces!


How to get significant reaches on your promotion, apart from boosting? Create a content that engages! Facebook users have been exposed to personality tests from nearly forever. Now they can participate without leaving their News Feed sections!

An international Bank, Crédit Agricole, is recently putting a great effort in developing its offer in Poland. To animate their fans they reached for one of Post Sticker’s specialities! With high potential of going viral, personality tests are one of our favourites! The promotion was linked with an introduction of bank’s mobile app – so the theme of travelling was on point. The app featured 7 closed questions and an open question, so the users could easily fill in the test and get creative afterwards. For the most original answers, prizes were granted! This length of test is just right to sustain user’s attention in case of a spontaneous encounter on the News Feed – The possibility of completing the scenario is high. Yet, smart apps can be more complicated and way longer, like it was in the Wizzair’s case, or simpler, yet engaging like KFC’s cheese test. There is a smart app for every occasion!

New product approaching? Boost your campaign with a smart app! You can search for some inspiration in our case studies. Of course, given the brief, we’ll be happy to help you and prepare a mock-up! We’re here: contact@poststicker.com.

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