What type of gamer are you? Lenovo gives answers. Lenovo takes suggestions. Lenovo shares out gaming gear!


Personality test for gamers, sounds familiar? Right, it’s not our first time. Actually, it is one of the most popular scenarios of our custom Smart Apps. Post Sticker’s experience with News Feed personality tests can be confirmed with numerous cooperations such as the ones with Tesco, Wizzair, T-Mobile, Credit Agricole and many more!

This particular case included 4 humorous questions and an open text competition – not too much, not too little, just right for the people to visit and have a chance for winning. An idea worth mentioning is that the questions included references to real games, so real gamers would find it fun to answer. The results had even the “no clue”, “tomato” option when the combination of answers was bizarre. The open text contest asked for gaming features that customers would appreciate in a portable gaming PC. Maybe someone’s suggestion will become true in the next generation of laptops, who knows?

What kind of features would you like in your Smart App? Write to us at Lenovo_Quiz_flow_ENG

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