When life gives you lemons.. Taste Lemon Soplica and play a Stick and Play game!


Soplica – one of the oldest polish distillers is not only innovative by creating new flavours but also by boosting their social media with engaging content! They’ve chosen one of 18 ready-to-brand game formats which bases on famous electronic game from CCCP – Wolf & Eggs.

Help Antek, the character introduced by the brand. Catch lemons and honey jars by clinking the right buttons and then write down what would you offer him for Christmas. Your answer, name and email- all collected within the Smart App! Afterwards, there’s only one good solution: Share your fun with friends!


to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

This time there’s not only a simple Christmas game going on. Soplica has decided to take it all and combine it with an interactive contest. Just like Play-Doh with puzzles, HPE with Match Three or Bosch with Memory and Reflex scenarios, check them out!

If you want to follow the example of Soplica, write us: contact@poststicker.com. You can create an app using our panel or just ask us to do your customized version of Post Sticker Smart App!

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