Where is the award?! Open the gate, see if you were right and make a deal with ASUS! #Let’sMakeADeal


In the good old days, when Facebook hasn’t been born yet, people tend to spend most of their free time in front of their TVs. Let’s Make a Deal was the thing to watch! ASUS has decided to take us back in time and make a deal once again, this time on Facebook, in News Feed, Live with Live Apps!

The brand has invited their followers to uncover the hidden award behind one of the three gates. In order to get them uncovered, the minimum number of comments had to be collected. Above each gate there was a counter that displayed the engagement needed to reach the threshold level. Once the level has been reached, the person who was the last one to mention the gate in the comments section was announced a winner! Simple, yet super effective in boosting interaction on a Facebook Page.



Duration: 21m 30s
Views: 5k
Comments: 7,6k

If you’re interested in making a deal with us, do not hesitate and get in touch at contact@liveapps.store


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