Which member of the Berlinki Big Band are you? Another reason we love personality tests!


Polish meat tycoon, Morliny, puts great care in the image of one of its flag poducts – Berlinki, quality hot-dogs. Their marketing team has developed a Band of hot-dogs concept to merge the semantic worlds of food and show businnes. To serve a bit of fun to its followers, producer has reached for Post Sticker’s secret weapon – a personality test. Well, maybe not so secret – we do recommend it quite often!

From our experience we can say that such tests tend to gain great popularity and this time has been no different. Moreover, since the results are personal, users may agree with them or not, results may vary and both possibilities may result in shares and likes! Other success stories like Wizzair collaboration prove that performing promotions that take place on people’s News Feeds pays back. Since we spend a lot of time browsing our News Feeds on Facebook, supplying it with marketing content is a must – it wouldn’t be an over assumption to say that fans actually expect brands to do thing like this!

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