Who is the Australia’s most dangerous celebrity and why? You’ll learn it cempleting the Smart Quiz!


To promote the Intel digital security systems, the company came up with the „Australia’s most dangerous celebrity” campaign.

The Post Sticker’s part was the creation of 2 Smart Apps – a poll with a countdown and an explaining quiz. In the poll, the possible celebrities were Delta Goodrem and Rebel Wilson, but the whole concept was not revealed. After completing the poll users were presented with a countdown (to the end of the poll) and the current results. The next Smart App, the quiz both tested the knowledge of users and expanded it, since here came the moment of explanation: Australia’s most dangerous celebrity referred to cybercriminals that use popular and widely downloaded content to distribute malware or other harmful programs. The app reminded us about some security rules about keeping the personal information private and, downloading from unknown sources and so on. Both apps’ goal is the click-through to the Intel Security site, no lead collection this time.


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