Who said what?! The most interactive Smart App ever – teasing the new Top Model season! 

Top Model

It looks like a Quiz Smart App, but it’s not! It may look like a YouTube teaser, or a Slideshow but it’s not! What is it then? It’s something that we haven’t tried before, something that we have no idea how to call but let us simply describe what’s going on! 

The new season of Top Model show is on and the grand jury made of some respected celebrities is in session. Let the challenge begin, also for their fans! We have prepared a Smart App that would let Facebook community take part in a contest where they could win some incredible awards. All they have to do is fire off the Smart App in Facebook News Feed and answer all given questions! So far sounds simple, but there is a nice touch in it. Not only the beautiful highlights when selecting the person quoted in the question but also when waiting for the verdict – it’s announced in a video form by the celebrities on their own. The very second one answers. Looks like real time almost (sic!)

Within the Smart App we have embedded a variety of YouTube clips with prepared verdicts recorded by the jury members, fired off when somebody gives their answer. Once correct, the player goes to the next one, to come up with a idea for the grande finale photo shoot in the end! Enough said that the Smart App is constantly played by our team, on and on. Top Model FTW!


Does that sound interesting enough for you? Would you like us to come up with a truly innovative way of engaging your fans. Hit us up at contact@poststicker.com – we’ll make sure you won’t leave empty-handed.

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