Why does Yapi Kredi award their followers in a contest concerning flamingos?


What is the reason for the flamingos to stand on one leg for a long time? Where do they build their nests? We don’t know and we are not quite sure if we should, but aren’t you even a little bit intrigued about the answers? And actually, what is the reason why any brand (excluding these working with and for animals) would launch such a quiz?

Yapi Kredi is a Turkish bank, which is currently running a holiday-oriented marketing campaign. Their marketers turned to us for a Smart App concerning flamingos, as these loveable birds are broadly associated with swimming pools, that is also with tourist resorts. The most important fact is, the company provided the awards for those who answered correctly and Yapi Kredi arranged the contest with the right tool – average Facebook users were encouraged to take part due to innovative format of the app, which is playable directly on News Feed. One click, short funny quiz, awards – who wouldn’t give it a try?


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