Why don’t you order a phone chat in News Feed? It’s possible with Aviva’s smart apps

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One of the main reasons for using Post Sticker’s smart apps claimed by many of our customers is the desire for collecting leads. Those could be gathered in a variety of ways, 100% of our app formats allow for such actions and we proudly boast about it. What’s so different about Post Sticker than any other service allowing for lead collecting on Facebook?

Well, we don’t want to sound pretentious but there is no such company out there that we are aware of which provides self-managed smart app creator for collecting leads in News Feed. It’s no hoax. Of course one could see accidental attempts of such Facebook activities but no one has ever covered that segment of the market where we could be challenged. Our recent customer, Aviva – a global life, home and car insurance company, has taken the advantage of that and together with their partnered social agency 121PR let us design a series of smart apps dedicated solely for lead collection.

Leave your ‘footprint’, the Yeti’s way (sic!), and Aviva’s consultant will definitely give you a call. How it’s done? We have created a series of dedicated smart apps that by being fired off directly in News Feed allow users to enter their standard contact details without leaving the place they’re at. The smart app is at the same time interconnected with Aviva’s database system and collects what’s required by the company to establish a contact with potential customer. A solution clever enough it does make the company come back for more.


And they did! Our smart app performed well enough for Aviva to give it a go and run their own recruitment campaign – Generation Next. And again, by filling the most essential contact details, like name and email, user may apply to take part in the company’s recruitment process where people not only visit their interviewers but take part in a series of workshops, take tests and get some hands-on experience prior to being interviewed. We find that very innovative and trustworthy. Kudos for Aviva, and good luck for all candidates!


Does that sound interesting enough for you? Would you like us to come up with a truly innovative way of engaging your fans. Hit us up at contact@stickandplay.com – we’ll make sure you won’t leave empty-handed.

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