Willing to go to the cinema? Citibank takes you to Cannes Instead! When having a credit card actually pays off…


What was the best movie made within the last two decades? Taking into consideration that this period includes The Green Mile, The Intouchables, The Pianist and hundreds of other great productions, the answer isn’t easy at all. The one thing is sure: it’s a great era for cinema lovers.

This twenty years period is fruitful also for Citibank and it’s Polish clients, who have had a possibility to use their credit cards since 1997. On this occasion, Citi organized a contest for all of their customers, asking them to indicate the most valuable film launched within this period. The award? A trip for two to the Cannes festival.


To be sure that such precious prize will go to some Citibank client, the app requires to enter first six numbers of participants’ credit cards. Every Smart App can be linked with any database and check the credibility automatically. Such attitude not only makes their customers feel appreciated, but also incentives others to create a Citi bank account of their own.

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