Wine drinker or wine lover? Check how much do you know and get rewarded in Jacob’s Creek x Post Sticker educational contest!


Red, white, sparkling… As there are so many types of wine it is not difficult to be confused while choosing the proper bottle. In Jacob’s Creek, one of the most popular Australian brands, people are passionate about the art of wine tasting, and combining it with food. That’s why they provide us with variety of well-selected bottles, each for a different occasion. But how big is the knowledge of the customers? The best way to check it is to run an interactive quiz. And Post Sticker knows all about that!

Jacob’s Creek has teamed up with Post Sticker to run a contest based on a quiz about wine, visible directly in the News Feed. That sounds cool, especially when the prize turns out to be a wine set! The only thing we need to do is to choose the right answers to the questions appearing on the screen of the app and leave our data. Simple and innovative!


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