Wyborowa is using a Post Sticker App to uncover your dark side…


What are the benefits from giving away free products? The answer might not be so clear, since there is no direct profit from doing so. It’s a strategy used for marketing purposes and what is significant, is the indirect benefit. Most of all, a buzz is created around the brand – the message of giveaways spreads really quickly. A lot of traffic is driven to your campaign, and those who participate in the giveaway develop a positive association with the brand.

Wyborowa decided to use that strategy to promote their new product to gain the image
of a welcoming, open brand. They organized a competition, with a bottle of The Dark Vodka
as the winning award. Is there a better place for conducting such a contest other than the most popular social media platform ever existed? Without the need of answering that obvious question, we created an app to lead the participants to the prize. Its 3-step course is simple – confirmation of being 18 or above, providing an answer to a creative question, and acceptance of the terms of the contest. The black and white, dark theme catches an eye and fits perfectly
to the essence of the campaign.


Organizing contests is one thing and successfully conducting them is another. We are ready
to help you get through this endeavor and profit from it as much as possible. Get in touch with us at contact@poststicker.com.

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