Yet another marketing victory in cooperation with Post Sticker! Luksusowa gave away prizes for creativity.


A man does not scroll through, a man stops and finishes the sentence prepared by Luksusowa Wódka in order to win a cool, branded sweatshirt. The idea of their contest was to come up with a clever “man’s point of view” phrase.

In each stage of the competition, sweatshirts with personalized inscriptions that represented the winners’ responses, were given away as a reward for creativity. Companies are aware of the incredible marketing power held by giveaways. If done well, the costs of one are overwhelmed by the benefits. Not only the engagement in the content skyrockets throughout the duration
of the contest, but oftentimes the prizes themselves continue to promote the brand.
The bearers of the sweatshirts act as a walking advertisement of Luksusowa Wódka.


It’s good to follow marketing actions of companies which are already successful.
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