You have been granted with an access to a super engaging quiz introduced by Grant’s! And you can win some tasty prizes too… Check it!


As you probably know Grant’s is a famous Scotch Whiskey brand known for its long, over 100 years old history and it’s characteristic triangle-shaped bottle. Grant’s has very traditional way of manufacturing its fine products which involves many specific stages of the production process.
The company wanted to evoke interest in their consumers and make them eager to find out those small, yet crucial details.

That is why they decided to approach Post Sticker in order to get some help with this marketing endeavor. Our Creative Team immediately thought of a quiz-based contest, which ended up with an open text question – so that users could finally show your creative side!

The quiz questions were not that simple, so if a player wanted to get all the answers right and win the precious prize, he had to visit Grant’s website and search for some information, getting to know the brand even more. As you see, this Smart App is typical win-win situation, both for the fans and the company!


CLICK HERE to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

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