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TVN 7 is a Polish television channel specialising in TV shows, soap operas and movies. The channel is a part of one of the most significant television networks in Poland: TVN Group. On this market in Poland there really is a cut-throat competition. So, to promote their new TV series program they turned to us, and, of course, Smart Apps! We’ve decided to use one of our most popular and efficient scenarios – a personality test.

Post Sticker created an interactive App for TVN 7’s Facebook page which distinguished this advertising campaign from others launched by competitors. The quiz was made of questions about user’s preferences in different life situations like whether he/she prefers to spend his summer vacation in luxurious, 5-star SPA hotel or trekking on the mountain paths. After giving the answers for 6 questions, the Smart App presented users a title from station’s new program format which fits best to his/her personality. In this case, it was either ‘Lost’ or ‘Desperate Housewifes’. The result of the test included user’s personality description based on the answers, few information about the result series and time of broadcast when viewers could find time to see the next episode.


CLICK HERE to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

Post Sticker’s Smart Apps are highly interactive and playable directly in Facebook’s News Feed. They are a subject to the same rules as other posts, which means that they can be promoted and targeted to particular clients. Feel free to ask us for the access to our Smart App creator panel or make request for the free mock up!

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