Zozole searches for brand’s ambassadors. A custom Smart App up and running on the News Feed is the right tool for such selection!


The latest Social Media promotion of the famous Polish fizzy-filled candy was oriented on finding the right ambassadors for the brand. Where else would a company search for representatives if not within its own fans!

The, let’s say ‘recruitment’ was combined with a competition with special gift sets. Main task for the candidates was to describe the candidacy in a creative way, so the future ambassador would be hilarious enough. To boost the rivalry within competitors, the custom Smart App for that occasion included an option of uploading a photo and… asked for a link to one’s Instagram profile. An ambassador must represent, right? This Smart App is an example of a quite unusual lead collection – no Email address this time! Instagram profile is enough to get in touch. Besides, results can still be done the old school way: On an info graphic, what is important is that all the data is safe in one place.

We are constantly searching for new ways of development and new ideas to combine with Post Sticker Smart Apps. Let’s work on it together, for your brand. We can’t wait! contact@poststicker.com


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