Żubrowka wants you to take photos of their famous grass to win a trip for you and your friends!


Żubrówka Bison Grass is a famous polish vodka known all around the world. A blade of bison grass placed in each bottle gives the liquor its characteristic yellowish color and woodruff notes. The brand turned to Post Sticker to create a photo contest, in which users could win
a trip to the Zubrowka Hotel. Zubrowka cleverly named it “Spend the winter on the grass”.

The main task of the contest was to upload a creative picture of grass, as that’s the famous ingredient of the beverage. Of course, before going to the main page of the contest, the user had to confirm that they’re of a legal drinking age. The point of the competition was to get inventive with the photos, so that the brand could collect some cool UGC pieces in return. Zubrowka provided the best entries with great prizes – a trip to the Zubrowka hotel for the winner (and up to 3 of their friends!) located near the Białowieża National Park, a cradle
for Poland’s natural heritage. Second degree awards consisted of a pair of branded scarves, gloves and sets of shot glasses and bison grass vodkas.


Organizing contests is a great tool when it comes to promoting brands, but the right frame
and place are essential to get the best of their potential. If you want to know how we can enrich your marketing campaign, just get in touch with us at contact@poststicker.com.

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